Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life in Cali

HBU23 Teammates (L-R): Jordan, Adrian, Zeke, Eamon, and Owen.
Just after Christmas, Jordan moved to Pacific Grove, California, to live with Hagens Berman U23 teammate, Eamon Lucas. He is just a short drive from 3 more teammates in Northern California. He attended the first HBU23 team camp in Seattle in early January, which was a great success.

Jordan is now coached by Colby Pearce, and has stepped up his training program, with a weight program, and additional core specific workouts.

He finished up High School a couple weeks ago, and will graduate near the top of his class. Congrats to Jordan! As previously announced, he will attend the University of Minnesota, starting this fall.

The Cherry Pie Criterium, in Napa, CA, was his first race of the 2014 season. HBU23 lined up 5 strong with Eamon Lucas, Owen Gillott, Adrien Costa, Zeke Mostov, and Jordan. The team rode aggressively, and finished 2nd and 3rd with Costa and Lucas, respectively.  Race Report by Owen Gillott. Picture below is complements of Christine Costa.

Jordan driving on the front at Cherry Pie
The HBU23 Spring Training Camp is planned in Oxnard, CA, March 25-April 1. Immediately following the camp, is the first NRC race for the team, the Redlands Bicycle Classic.

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Team for 2014 - Hagens Berman U-23

We are proud to announce Jordan Cullen will be racing for Hagens Berman U-23 Development Team in 2014. The team is new this year, and based out of Seattle, Washington. It is run by Todd Herriott and David Richter, co-owners of Herriott Sports Performance.

After 9 years of racing as a Junior, Jordan has finally graduated to the U23 ranks, and Hagens Berman U-23 is the perfect team for Jordan. The team provides a much needed bridge between the elite and pro ranks for young riders. The roster of 11 riders includes 9 U-23's (ages 19-22), and 2 Juniors (ages 17-18). On top of having a rock star roster, Jordan re-unites with former Slipstream Craddock teammates (and fellow Junior National Champions): 1st year U-23 rider Michael Dessau, and juniors Zeke Mostov, and Adrian Costa. The other riders include 1st year U-23 riders Stephen Bassett (formerly Texas Roadhouse), Daniel Gay (formerly Get Crackin), Owen Gillot (formerly Specialized Juniors), and Veteran U-23 riders Jeff Perrin and Eamon Lucas (both formerly Cal-Giant), Colby Waite-Molyneux (formerly Hagens Berman Elite), and Argentinian Sebastian Trillini.

The team will be racing many of the top USA National Calender events, as well as working in conjunction with the USA National Team, to provide riders with the opportunity to compete in Europe.

Jordan plans to graduate from High School this December, then move to the west cost to train full time. Next fall, he will be attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, majoring in Kinesiology, through the College of Education and Human Development. He plans on taking a full load of classes in the fall, and then attend classes on-line in the spring, allowing him to travel for bike racing.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My 2013 Junior Track Worlds Experience

I flew over to Glasgow this past week for the 2013 UCI junior track world championships.  I went into this trip just looking forward to riding an indoor track, as well as racing in my first world championship.

After settling in at the hotel the whole US squad headed over to the track.  Simply walking into the cabins where all bikes are stored was a bit of a shock.  Each country is given their own cabin to store bikes and supplies.  Many countries who are prepping to ride the track have their bikes prepared outside of the cabins, a dozen bikes, all identical to one another, all worth in excess of $10,000 each.  Having raced for many years, there's the obvious "the bike doesn't win the race" that you tell yourself.  Even with that, there's still the sense of awe when you see twelve BT track bikes painted in Aussie colors, for a group of juniors.

The two days before the team pursuit go well.  We get some team pursuit practice in, as well as become familiar with the track.  We wake up the day of the team pursuit and everything's good.  All of our warmups go well, we go up to the start area and ready for the race.  The first 3,000 meters of the race go well, never far off schedule.  Then with 1 kilometer to go we lose a rider, and only I see it.  The next man takes his exchange believing their to be 4 riders, not 3.  This causes him to fall off the back a bit and by then it was too late to recover so we finish in 4:27, 18th place.

During my cool down I watch the Great British, Russian, Kiwi, and Aussie teams ride.  Their rides are executed with such precision that it seems like a video game.  Leaving a space no wider than the width of a deck of cards between one another, all while riding at 35 miles per hour.  These 4 teams were so smooth that they made it look not like a race, but a dance of sorts.  In the gold medal round the Aussies ride a 4:02 to win, a breathtakingly quick time.  Watching these teams ride is one of the highlights of my worlds experience, and something I will remember forever.

The next day is the individual pursuit.  I feel good in my warm up and I am excited to race my last 3K ever.  In the ready area before my race I just think about the splits I am about to run.  Having trained at a pace well above what I was shooting for here I was not too concerned about being able to do it.  Then in the race I am not able to come even close to my splits.  Eventually I am struggling to hit splits more than a second slower than what I am used to.  I roll across the line at a 3:31 for 26th place.  A rush of disappointment floods into me, leaving me almost speechless.  I am not sad or upset with my ride at all. Just disappointed.  I still can not think of any reason that I rode so far off the pace I have been hitting for over a month.  All I can come up with is I had a bad day on the bike.

Aussies qualify 1st and 2nd with a 3:20 taking the top seed.  Watching these two guys ride was interesting as well.  I am used to trying to hold constant splits the entire race.  As anyone who has done a pursuit knows, attempting to ride a constant pace the entire race becomes near impossible in the last kilometer.  The Aussies approach this dilemma in a way that I never even thought of.  Simply ride the first half of the race extremely conservative.  And by conservative I mean outside of the top twenty.  Then in the last 1500 meters they accelerate, well above the pace they have been riding for the previous 6 laps.  And by the end they have made up all the time lost, and then some.

Coming home from this trip I reflected on the trip a bit.  I am not super satisfied with my results, but you can't always ride as fast as you want, so I'll live.  I also take away exactly the experience that I could only gain from coming to Glasgow.  How would I know about this different way to pace pursuits if I had stayed at home instead, I wouldn't have.  In no way do I consider this trip as a whole to be disappointing.  I actually find it extremely motivating, but I've always been someone who is motivated more by failure than success.

I can't express how grateful I am for everyone who helped me experience the 2013 UCI junior track world championships.  Without you guys supporting me I never would have had such an amazing experience as this was!  Thank you so much!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Headed To Jr Track World Championships

Based on his performance at US Jr Track Nationals, Jordan has been selected for the World Championship National Track Team. He will be competing in the 3K Individual Pursuit and 4K Team Pursuit. His Slipstream Craddock teammates Michael Dessau and Jonathon Schilling have also been selected.

The Junior World Track Championships are next week, Aug 7-11, in Glasgow, Scotland. Jordan is qualified for Level 2 funding from USA Cycling, providing half funding of the $4000 trip fee. He still needs to raise $2500 to cover the other half plus baggage fees.

Jordan has setup a gofundme site for family, friends, and fans to donate to his World Championship Campaign. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

Repeat at US Junior Track Nationals

Repeat US Junior National 3K Individual Pursuit Champion

Rolling to a 3:31.333 in the Individual Pursuit

Repeat US Junior National 4K Team Pursuit National Champions

Rolling to a 4:35.015 in the Team Pursuit

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Jordan celebrated his 18th birthday by annihilating his personal best 3K pursuit time by 6 seconds, clocking a 3:29.10. That's an average speed of 51.6 km/hr or 32.1mph.

He was lifted to this new district track record by the current record holder, Dan Casper, in a grudge match at Thursday Night Lights at the NSC Velodrome in Blaine, MN. Casper also set a personal best of 3:32.97.

Most of Jordan's family was present to witness this historic pursuit, which made it even more exciting.

The 2 pursuit champions are good friends, working to lift each other to new heights for the upcoming National and World Track Championships. Good luck to both!